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HUDA beauty Eyelash Glue, Waterproof, fast drying, FE001


Waterproof, fast drying, HUDA beauty Eyelash Glue.

Waterproof Eyelash Glue
- Latex free: our eyelash glue doesn’t contain latex which may trigger allergic reactions, making it safer to use on your delicate eye areas

- Dries quickly: the eyelash extension glue dries clear so it wouldn’t show on your eyelids at all; quick-drying formula lets you get going quickly and doesn’t interfere with your eye makeup

- Waterproof eyelash glue: this beauty must-have doesn’t go all smudgy or runny on hot, humid days to keep those lash extensions gorgeously framing your peepers 

- Good adhesive power: professional eyelash glue offers enough adhesive power to keep your lash extensions on all day and yet comes off effortlessly with eyelash makeup removal lotion

- Easy-to-apply nozzle: the fine-tipped nozzle of this natural eyelash glue lets you delicately and precisely nudge the lash extensions into place while dispensing just the right amount

Lash extensions had shifted out of place and you didn’t realize it until others around you keep giving you weird looks? If you think that sounds like a nightmare in broad daylight, you got to see what this good eyelash glue can do for you. Its waterproof formula retains its adhesive power even on hot, humid days, dries fast and lets you get going within minutes. Step out with mesmerizing peppers today.    

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