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Blackhead Removal Mask, Blackhead Killer


Yes, these are those blackhead removal masks which are going crazy online!

Pilaten Blackhead remover mask.  

1 packet does your whole face or problem area 2-4 times. 

Best Blackhead Killer mask wholesale price in NZ,

Buy 10 get 1 Free = $10

Buy 20 get 4 Free = $17

Buy 30 get 10 Free = $24

Buy 50 get 30 Free + Free shipping = $40 (Most Value, only 50c per pack)

Buy 50 masks (enough for up to 200 targeted applications) and get an amazing 30 masks free!—and you’ll get free shipping! This deal offers you the most value, costing only 50c per pack.

Blackhead Removal Mask, Blackhead killer, Remove blackheads
- Safe and effective: made of quality ingredients, this blackhead removal mask penetrates deep into the pores to latch on to oil and grime before gently lifting them when you peel it off

- Glow away: the blackhead face mask also eliminates dead skin, balances oil secretion and refines pores to put back the radiant glow on your face

- Mild enough for all skin types: this blackhead peel off mask is suitable for use on all skin types; treat yourself to a spa-like experience right in the comfort of home

- Effortless to use: the peel-off blackhead mask comes individually packed for optimal convenience and hygiene; one pack is perfect for the whole face or it may last you two to three applications if you’re using it on the problematic nose area only

- Friendly tip: this blackhead peel mask works best when it’s a certain thickness; to start lifting off blackheads and revealing refreshed skin, start peeling from the bottom in an upward direction

- Best blackhead mask peel wholesale price: buy 10 get 1 free; buy 20 get 4 free; buy 30 get 10 free; buy 50 get 33 free and free shipping

No more painful prodding with grubby fingers when you can safely and effectively banish blackheads with this blackhead clearing mask. Penetrating deep into clogged pores, pesky blackheads and dead skin get lifted off when you peel off the facial mask. Goodbye blackheads, and hello radiant, refreshed skin!


Blackhead Killer Mask

It’s the face mask that’s going viral online—you’ve seen the videos, and now you can try it for yourself. Paint your face with this thick black mask and peel it away to pull the gunk right out of your pores. Your face will be clean and detoxified like never before. And it’s so fun to use!


Plus, the Pilaten Blackhead Killer Mask is safe and easy to apply, harmless for the skin and made from quality ingredients. It penetrates deep within the pores to latch onto dirt and grime, before gently lifting it away.

The blackhead mask that’s going crazy online

It’s hypnotising to watch beauty gurus and YouTubers slowly peeling off this striking shiny black face mask, designed to remove blackheads and clear out pores.

You’ve seen the girls shocked and surprised by the impurities these blackhead killer masks can extract. Girls who have beautiful skin—or look like they do—and they’ve still got clogged pores and blackheads that can do with extracting. It shows that even what looks like clear skin will have impurities that can be drawn out, leaving skin detoxified, smooth and super soft.

Say goodbye to blackheads, and hello radiant, refreshed skin!

We all like to stand in front of the mirror and squeeze spots or pick at blackheads, but doing this can leave scarring and permanent damage. Dirty fingers and bacteria on the skin can cause infections and even make acne worse. Try the blackhead killer mask, though, to take care of all your spots and skin blemishes without harm.

Plus, you’ll be hypnotised by the process of peeling the mask away and seeing what comes out of pores you thought were clear!

The Blackhead Killer Mask offers countless benefits

The blackhead killer mask is designed to extract blackheads and remove clogged pores and impurities, but it does much more than that. Any tiny patches of dirt or grime, leftover makeup, dead skin or built up oil will be lifted from the skin and revealed, stuck in the mask as you peel it off.

The mask purifies and detoxifies the skin, leaving perfectly clear skin that’s free from dirt or residue. Your pores will be clear, giving the appearance of smaller pores and smoother skin. Skin is tightened and smoothed, and feels super soft to the touch.

Removing oil buildup can help balance oil production, moderating oily skin and leaving a refined complexion that’s grease-free.

After using the blackhead killer mask, your skin will be tight, bright and smooth, ready for any serums or moisturiser you put on afterwards, and providing the perfect base for makeup. Foundation will apply smoother and your makeup will look perfected, lasting all day long.


How to use it

The Pilaten Blackhead Killer Mask comes in individual foil packets, convenient and mess-free. Each foil pouch contains enough mask for an all-over application or 2–4 applications limited to problem areas.

  • Clean the skin with warm water before using the mask.
  • You can apply pressure with a warm damp cloth in areas of concern, like your T-zone or nose especially.
  • Smooth the mask over your whole face, avoiding the eye area, eyebrows and lips, or just apply it to the T-zone and nose for targeted treatment.
  • Make sure the mask is built up to a suitable thickness—you shouldn’t be able to see skin underneath.
  • Applying the mask slightly thicker around the edges will make it easier to peel off.
  • Leave the mask on for 15 to 30 minutes. Allow it to dry completely before you remove it.
  • Lift a piece of the mask at the edge and slowly peel it away from the skin. Start peeling from the bottom of your face and peel upwards to lift the skin.
  • You’ll see the dirt and grime being lifted from deep within your skin as the mask peels away, unplugging blocked pores and eliminating blackheads.
  • After use, apply a serum, hydrating essence or moisturiser to hydrate your newly refreshed skin.

When to use it

Use the mask once a week, if you notice your skin looking dull, or when a lot of blackheads are forming.

Treat yourself to a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Applying a face mask is so relaxing, especially when you can see visible signs of how it’s improving your skin.

Using a face mask at home is also much more affordable than going to a spa, giving you more freedom with your money.

What skin types is it suitable for?

The Pilaten Blackhead Killer Mask is suitable for all skin types. It is particularly effective for combination to oily skin, as it removes oil and sebum buildup which is common for this skin type. It is also suitable for acne-prone skin.

How does it work?

This mask’s key ingredient is activated charcoal, a purifying ingredient that acts to draw impurities from deep within the skin. Combined with pure water, glycerin, essence and polyvinyl alcohol, the mask dries onto the skin once applied.

The mask bonds to any dirt, grime, oil buildup and blackheads clogging your pores. When you peel it away, all that gross unwanted buildup is removed and your skin is left clear and undamaged.

It’s safer to use than blackhead extractors, as there’s no risk of breaking the skin and allowing bacteria to enter. It’s clean and hygienic, and gentler than rough scrubs and exfoliators.

Wholesale discount

You can buy one packet for a single full-face application. You’ll love the mask so much, though, you’ll want to use it again, and again… which is why we’re offering you the best wholesale discount in New Zealand for blackhead killer masks.


Buy 10 masks and get 1 free. Or if you buy 20 masks, you’ll get 4 free. Buy 30 masks, and get 10 free.

Or, choose our best value wholesale offer. Buy 50 masks (enough for up to 200 targeted applications) and get an amazing 33 masks free—and you’ll get free shipping!

This deal offers you the most value, costing only 90c per pack.


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