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Shopping online is the most convenient way to see the widest range of jewellery and find a great bargain, but there are some things to consider before you click that ‘place order’ button. To make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, and buying a piece of jewellery that you know is the right one for you, keep these tips in the back of your mind.

Know what you’re looking for

Impulse shopping is always fun, but having an idea of what you are looking for before you buy jewellery online will help you keep focused and find the best pieces for you.

Are you after a new necklace, bracelet, ring or maybe a set of earrings? Keeping that in the back of your mind will help your journey buying jewellery online a successful one. has a wide selection of every type of jewellery, so we know you’ll find something you like here.

Browse the whole range

I know, we just said to be specific about what you’re looking for, but you never know when you’ll find something that’s your new favourite accessory. Many jewellery websites have a wide range of products within each jewellery category. We make sure our jewellery range is on-trend and relevant to 2017 jewellery fashions, so our products might be items you haven’t even considered yet!

Vintage fashion multilayer leather bracelet, $5.00—and 37 styles to choose from!

When looking for bracelets, for example, you might think you want a delicate chain bracelet, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover we sell a fun range of charm bracelets and even trendy leather stacked bracelets as well.

Match colour and metal

You’re probably buying jewellery to wear for a certain occasion, whether that’s a school ball, an awards ceremony, or just a new classic piece to wear every day to the office. Whatever occasion you’re buying for, you probably already know what else you want to wear.

It’s very important to make sure your jewellery coordinates well with your outfit, so keep that in mind while you’re looking at our range. Consider the colour of your dress, blouse or jacket that you’ll wear the accessories with. Match a blue stone to a royal blue dress, or contrast with a gold chain.

Matching metals is important too. If you have a pair of gold earrings that you know you want to wear, there’s no point buying a silver necklace—they just won’t look good together. Instead, stick to one metal colour scheme when you buy jewellery online for a special occasion or everyday wear.

Keep your current style in mind

To get the most value out of the jewellery you buy online, you should keep your current collection in mind while looking for something new to buy. When you buy jewellery online you can make sure that it suits your own personality and individuality, without the influence of shop assistants or retail employees trying to get a sale. You can stay up with the latest trends like chokers or stacker rings, or pick up some classic, elegant earrings that will stay classy forever.

Emerald earring, $19.90

April 09, 2017 by Ted liu