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We know that nail art is a trend that’s here to stay, and the possibilities of what you can do with nail art are growing as more and more fun nail art accessories become available for you to use at home.

Our favourite new nail art accessories are 3D nail stickers. Forget about boring, flat, single-colour manicures. Painting your nails a classic red? Boring! Beige and white French manicure? That’s so eighties! And don’t you dare mention the nail piercings women were rocking in the 1990s.

Nope, 2010s nail trends are all about pushing nail art into the third dimension. We’ve talked about deco fake nails before, and while we love them, they can sometimes be a handful (no pun intended). 3D nail stickers allow you to get some of the same effects without the hassle or the risk of losing a nail.

3D nail stickers vs. stamping

In the past, if you wanted a design on your nails, you had to paint it very carefully by hand with a tiny, tiny paintbrush. It’s a recipe for disaster if you’ve had a coffee or if you’re not a genius at holding your hand very still and making very deliberate movements. There’s a reason people don’t walk around with hand-painted masterpieces on their fingernails all the time!

Then came stamping. Stamping is where you apply nail polish to a plate, which has a design etched into it. The polish fills the gaps, taking on the shape of the design. You pick up the polish with a rubber stamping tool and then press that onto the nail. It’s a brilliant idea and it works very well… most of the time. But you have to find a stamping tool with the right texture and that works well with the polish you’ve chosen. Not all polishes are suitable to use for stamping, either. Nail polish that is too thick or too thin won’t spread properly and will ruin the details of the stamp design.

The other limitation with stamping is that it’s flat. Nail stickers take all the fiddly fuss out of stamping and give the same effect—even better effects, most of the time. 3D nail stickers take it a step further. They give you intricate details without the hassle, and dial up the drama with designs that rise above the flat surface of the nail. A true fashion statement!

French tip 3D nail stickers

We said it before—the traditional beige or pink nail with a white painted tip is classic, but it’s also more than a little boring.



Here’s where 3D nail stickers come in. While getting straight crisp white tips was once a challenge, you can now leave them in the dust with elaborate lace tip designs. These nail stickers are transparent between the white designs, so the colour you paint your nails will show through. You can wear them far down the nail for a half-nail design, or just adorn the very tips for a more subtle look.

The French manicure 3D nail stickers also come with self-adhesive gems to attach as features. Wear the gems on every nail for a full glam look, or choose a feature nail (we suggest the ring finger) to adorn with gems for a more subtle look.

Festival floral 3D nail stickers

There’s no time more appropriate than going to a festival to pull out your 3D nail stickers. It sounds counter-intuitive—you wouldn’t want to wear false nails to a festival, because you want to be low maintenance when there’s not even a proper bathroom around. But that’s the beauty of 3D nail stickers. Even though they’re protruding slightly from the nail, they’re bonded with their own self-adhesive, and then integrated into the nail polish with a top coat. This is a sturdy setup that will last more than a couple of days.



Get down with nature and cover your nails with the floral and butterfly 3D nail stickers in this metal and diamond 3d nail sticker set. Each sheet comes with plenty of individual flowers and twirling designs so you can share them with your friends and coordinate manicures (and even pedicures). Each sticker is enhanced with sparkling foil or colourful diamond crystals which catch the light and brighten up a simple manicure.

You can choose 3D nail stickers in black, suitable to wear over light-coloured nail polish or even over your bare nails. They stick best if you’re wearing a nail polish or base coat underneath, and apply a top coat over the top.

Raised white floral patterns are also available as 3D nail stickers. White looks neat over dark nail varnish but is also a less dramatic way to wear a design if you layer them over a lighter polish. White designs over pink or orange polish look modern and sophisticated without a stark contrast
March 25, 2017 by Ted liu