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If there’s one beauty accessory that will immediately take any makeup look from everyday to fabulous, it’s false eyelashes. The average person doesn’t wear false lashes often at all, but they’re the quickest way to dial it up and look next-level glamorous. A smokey eye will instantly look more dramatic and sexy with a set of false eyelashes applied.

Celebrities, whether in photoshoots or on the red carpet, are almost never seen without false eyelashes on. You might never guess—and it’s because of false eyelashes, applied properly, aren’t visible. Instead, they’ll just give you the illusion of a thick, luscious and long set of natural eyelashes. And who doesn’t want that? Even a simple everyday face of makeup can be immediately boosted with a set of false eyelashes.

Applying false eyelashes can be intimidating, though, especially if you’re not used to doing it. Like with any beauty process, you’ll get better with practice, so there’s no better time to start wearing false lashes than now!

The best false eyelashes for beginners

Not all fake eyelashes are made equally, so you’ll need to choose a good quality brand. Cheap lashes (usually a dollar a pair) are often plastic, hard to apply and uncomfortable to wear. Spending a few extra dollars for your lashes will ensure you end up with a pair that are easy to put on, that you don’t feel while you’re wearing them and that you can reuse multiple times. stocks Red Cherry lashes because we think they’re the perfect balance of quality and price. We wanted to make it easier to buy Red Cherry lashes in New Zealand. Each pair is only $7.90 but once you discover how great they are, you might be interested in our bulk-buying discounts!

How to put on false lashes

Applying false eyelashes is usually the last step before finishing your makeup, so make sure you’re happy with your look first. You can apply more eyeliner and mascara after you’ve applied the lashes, but it’s hard to do a whole makeup look while working around the lashes.

Red Cherry eyelashes have a very thin black band, so if you’re a beginner you might want to be wearing black eyeliner—it can help mask the band so people don’t notice it.

  • Test out the eyelash on your eye without glue first, and trim it down so it fits the width of your lash line, but doesn’t protrude at either end.
  • Apply a little bit of eyelash glue all along the band, making sure the whole length is covered. You’ll want to give the glue about 30 seconds to a minute to get tacky before you put it on your eyelid.
  • Use tweezers to gently rest the eyelash on top of your own eyelashes. Use the tweezers to position one end of the lash in place before moving to the other end.
  • Apply a bit of mascara after your lashes to blend them in with your natural lashes.


You’ll love the way false eyelashes make any look more elegant and glamorous!

March 19, 2017 by Ted liu