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Pendant necklaces are some of the most popular necklace styles because they are so diverse. Whether you want to make a statement with your jewellery or just add a subtle detail to your look, you’ll be able to find a pendant necklace that’s calling your name.

Like with charm bracelets, pendant necklaces are the perfect opportunity to express yourself and inject a bit of personality into your daily look. Many pendant necklaces have a symbol that might represent something you like or what is important to you.

A pendant necklace is made up of a simple strand hung around your neck, which is usually a chain, but can be a wire or leather cord instead. Hanging from this strand is one object—the pendant—which is the feature of the necklace. Pendants are often symbolic. Christians like to wear a crucifix, or cross, necklace to symbolise their religion. You might also see someone wearing a pendant necklace made out of something special to them, like an heirloom ring, locket or key. A pendant necklace is a way to keep that special object safe and to wear it close to your heart—literally and figuratively.

A pendant necklace doesn’t always need to be significant, though. The options are endless to make a fashion statement with your pendant necklace, too. Today we’re sharing some tips on how to accessorise with a pendant necklace.

Coordinate with a pendant necklace set

Match the detail on your necklace to the rest of your jewellery with a set like the 18k rose gold necklace set. You won’t have to worry if you’re going to get a clash between your gold necklace, your silver watch and your bronze bracelet because the metals will match. The set contains a ring, necklace and earrings, so it’s all the jewellery you’ll need to wear.

This delicate jewellery set features a gorgeous pearlescent pale pink hibiscus flower, with a striking diamante stamen. It’s pretty without being ostentatious. Highlight the pale pink with a lipstick in a similar tone.

As the set is so fine, it’s an ideal jewellery combination to accessorise an outfit for the office. We suggest pairing this jewellery set with a classic workplace look, and the pendant necklace will accentuate the neckline of any blouse you wear. The gleam of crystal is eye-catching and expensive-looking.

The casual video game pendant necklace tribute

One of our most fun necklaces is the heart pendant necklace. It’s not your traditional, boring heart necklace (although that’s still cute if it’s a gift from a loved one). Instead this heart pendant necklace is shaped entirely out of tiny squares, in the style of 8-bit retro video games.


If you want to signal that it’s not Facebook you’re scrolling down on your phone, but you’re deep in the latest video game, this is the necklace for you. Whether you’re a committed gamer girl or a casual fan of the scene, video game-themed jewellery is the most stylish way to share your nerdiness.

This isn’t just a naff piece of nerdery, though. The sophisticated design of the pixel heart necklace will stop you from looking tacky. It’s silver-plated and is hung on a smart 45cm articulated chain, so you could wear this necklace anywhere from an interview to the school ball.

Carry your own luck with a four leaf clover pendant

We mentioned that some people like to carry something special around their neck on a pendant necklace, and whether you’re religious or not, we could all do with a bit more luck. The four-leafed clover has been considered lucky for hundreds of years, so carrying one with you at all times is sure to be a boost to your spirit.



Our 18k gold plated diamond buds pendant necklace features a crystal-studded four-leafed clover pendant suspended on a delicate rose gold chain. Hanging just 3 centimetres from the chain, this pendant is small and subtle. It’s not competing for attention with the rest of your outfit—just quietly emanating good luck for you to absorb all day.

Make it into a choker

Any pendant necklace can be made into a choker—the hottest necklace style from the past year. If the pendant is hanging on a large chain, you can just move the clasp to a tighter loop so the necklace is pulled snug around your neck. Otherwise, most pendants will slide off their chain easily, so you can attach them to a ribbon choker.

If you want a permanent choker, you can sew the pendant on with a couple of stitches using a needle and thread in a matching colour to the choker. If you want to be able to wear your pendant on its original necklace again, you can temporarily attach it with a dab of glue (eyelash glue works!) That way you can undo your DIY pendant choker once you’re done with it, and you haven’t ruined the original necklace.

March 27, 2017 by Ted liu