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Fake nails have taken the world by storm in the past few years, helped in part by famous celebrities (cough… or should I say, kough) embracing nail art to express their personalities. Getting your nails done at the salon can be expensive, time consuming and damaging to your natural nails, however. Luckily there’s a cheap, safe and easy way to switch between nail art trends quickly—fake nails.

The quality of fake nails has come a long way, and you can buy sets of fake nails that look as natural and stay on as long as salon artificial nails. The days are over of getting your press-on nails snagged on your dress or losing one at the slightest bump. Getting salon quality nails at home will save you time and money, so you can accessorise every outfit with a different set of false nails.

Deco fake nails

One of the most fun things about fake nails is that you can get on board with nail trends without the extreme commitment of acrylics. Deco nails are an adorable style of fake nail where tiny 3D shapes are glued on top of the nail’s surface. Most often they’re super cute mini flowers, hearts or even rhinestones.

Fake Nails

These statement nails, only $9.90,  are the perfect accessory to a special occasion outfit, whether it’s a for school ball, Valentine’s Day or even a wedding.

How to do things with fake nails on

These are all very cute, you might be thinking, but how am I meant to go about my daily life if I’m wearing fake nails? How can I type, or wash the dishes?

If you’re not game for a long nail or are a more practical gal, there are more subtle fake nails available too. Here at we’ve made sure we’ve got a set of nails for everyone.

FAKE Nails

Try this set on for size—a subtle burgundy nail with that classic camel plaid feature design. These nails are shorter and have a more square shape, making them a sensible set for everyday wear. The stud accent gives them a touch of edge without giving you the risk of getting caught on anything!

Negative space fake nails

A growing nail art trend in 2017 is the negative space manicure. Negative space nail art means that some parts of the nail are left bare, to contrast with usually graphic designs done in nail polish.

fake nails

Blank space nail art looks awesome, but most of us don’t have the steady hand, tiny brushes or the patience to sit down and paint it by hand ourselves. Or perhaps your natural nails are ridged, brittle, bitten or stained. There’s a solution—you guessed it, fake nails! We’ve brought together a selection of negative space fake nails so you can get this hot nail trend without any of the hard work.

fake nails

We’ve even found negative space nails in different nail shapes, so whether you prefer a squoval nail shape or a more elegant almond shape, there’s a negative space manicure for you.

Take a look at our complete fake nail selection and pick out the nails for your next at-home manicure. And if you can’t make up your mind, take advantage of our offer—buy 4 sets, get 1 free!


March 09, 2017 by Ted liu