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Charm bracelets are a classic jewellery piece, and whether you remember collecting charms as a child or jangling your grandmother’s vintage heirloom charm bracelet, you’ll be pleased to discover that charm bracelets are trending and make the perfect accessory that allows you to express yourself.

Gone are the days when charm bracelets were limited to all silver or all gold. While it’s a classic look, it’s a lot more fun to carry a bit of personality on your wrist with a colourful enamel or bejewelled charm bracelet.

While some brands charge an arm and a leg for just one charm, you can find complete charm bracelets at that are ready to liven up your next outfit.

Wave a flag charm bracelet

If you’re living in New Zealand but maybe have another place you call home, why not accessorise with the flag of your birthplace. Whichever side of the Atlantic you hail from, either the United States or the United Kingdom, we’ve got the arm charms for you.

The Union Jack charm bracelet combines Union Jack flag charms with the most adorable tiny London double-decker buses. And for the Yanks, the American flag charm bracelet shows those stars and stripes proudly with red, white and blue enamel charms.

Go for a monochrome charm bracelet

We’ve curated the best in monochrome charm bracelets in a range of colours. Pick one in a complementary colour to offset any outfit, or stack them on your wrists for a rainbow of charming goodness.

A smart colour like blue or silver makes for a charm bracelet that matches any outfit. This classy fashion charm bracelet has a range of luxury fashion-themed charms but without the luxury price tag. It’d look great paired with a blouse and blazer for the office.

If black’s more your style—maybe you live in Wellington—then check out the beautiful black charm bracelet. Black goes with everything, as we all know, so it’s a good pick for an everyday accessory. The hints of white and red liven it up and the gold gives a classy contrast.

Spread peace and positive energy

Wearing a charm bracelet can be a perfect opportunity to carry a positive message with you on your wrist wherever you go. Whether it’s to ground yourself or spread positivity through the world, charms that symbolise these messages can really boost your spirits.

The life tree pendant charm bracelet is adorned with charms spreading warmth and light. The main charms dangling from the bracelet show the tree of life, spaced between hearts and messages of love. Wear this good-vibes charm bracelet before yoga class or just so that you can glance down and get a personal reminder of what’s important.

The best of charm bracelets is that they’re so different—there’s something for everyone and they’re the perfect way to express yourself.



March 19, 2017 by Ted liu