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What to know before you buy Jewellery online

Shopping online is the most convenient way to see the widest range of jewellery and find a great bargain, but there are some things to consider before you click that ‘place order’ button. To make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, and buying a piece of jewellery that you know is the right one for you, keep these tips in the back of your mind.

Know what you’re looking for

Impulse shopping is always fun, but having an idea of what you are looking for before you buy jewellery online will help you keep focused and find the best pieces for you.

Are you after a new necklace, bracelet, ring or maybe a set of earrings? Keeping that in the back of your mind will help your journey buying jewellery online a successful one. has a wide selection of every type of jewellery, so we know you’ll find something you like here.

Browse the whole range

I know, we just said to be specific about what you’re looking for, but you never know when you’ll find something that’s your new favourite accessory. Many jewellery websites have a wide range of products within each jewellery category. We make sure our jewellery range is on-trend and relevant to 2017 jewellery fashions, so our products might be items you haven’t even considered yet!

Vintage fashion multilayer leather bracelet, $5.00—and 37 styles to choose from!

When looking for bracelets, for example, you might think you want a delicate chain bracelet, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover we sell a fun range of charm bracelets and even trendy leather stacked bracelets as well.

Match colour and metal

You’re probably buying jewellery to wear for a certain occasion, whether that’s a school ball, an awards ceremony, or just a new classic piece to wear every day to the office. Whatever occasion you’re buying for, you probably already know what else you want to wear.

It’s very important to make sure your jewellery coordinates well with your outfit, so keep that in mind while you’re looking at our range. Consider the colour of your dress, blouse or jacket that you’ll wear the accessories with. Match a blue stone to a royal blue dress, or contrast with a gold chain.

Matching metals is important too. If you have a pair of gold earrings that you know you want to wear, there’s no point buying a silver necklace—they just won’t look good together. Instead, stick to one metal colour scheme when you buy jewellery online for a special occasion or everyday wear.

Keep your current style in mind

To get the most value out of the jewellery you buy online, you should keep your current collection in mind while looking for something new to buy. When you buy jewellery online you can make sure that it suits your own personality and individuality, without the influence of shop assistants or retail employees trying to get a sale. You can stay up with the latest trends like chokers or stacker rings, or pick up some classic, elegant earrings that will stay classy forever.

Emerald earring, $19.90

April 09, 2017 by Ted liu

Which to choose: A travel makeup brush set or professional makeup brush set?

You can never have enough makeup brushes, but when you’re choosing between a travel makeup brush set or a professional makeup brush set, there are a few factors to consider. Sometimes you just don’t have the budget to buy both, so we’re here to help you decide which makeup brush set to choose—or to choose first, at least!

It sounds simple: travel makeup brush sets and professional makeup brush sets both contain makeup brushes… so it doesn’t matter which one you buy, right? Well, you want to make sure you’re spending your money on the right thing—something you’ll get the full use out of and will never be disappointed with. Let us tell you how to know whether a travel makeup brush set or professional makeup brush set is the right one for you.

Travel makeup brush set

Save space

If you just don’t have a lot of room for your beauty storage, you can save space by choosing a travel makeup brush set. Maybe you live in a flat and have to share the bathroom with other people, so you can’t have a huge makeup and beauty tool collection lying around.

5 piece synthetic hair double-end black and white beauty travel makeup brush set, $39.99

Travel makeup brush sets contain every makeup brush you’ll need to do a full look—they’re just smaller and more compact. The handles are shorter and the brushes are sometimes even double-ended to save room and maximise how much tool you can fit in a small space.

Embrace minimalism

You’re a minimalist with your belongings and your makeup—you don’t see any sense in having fifteen makeup brushes when you only ever do simple looks. If you’re just putting on a quick face with a base, powder, and maybe one colour of eyeshadow, you don’t need a whole lot of brushes. A travel makeup brush set makes perfect sense for you. Every brush has a job and none is superfluous.

On-the-go convenience

If you travel a lot for work, or just don’t have time in the morning to get your face done before you leave the house, you should pick a travel makeup brush set. Easy to throw into your handbag or carry-on luggage, a travel makeup brush set means you can apply your makeup anyway—yes, even the bus or train on the way to work or school.

Professional makeup brush set

Go full glam

The beauty world is focused on full faces of perfected makeup lately, from the catwalk to Instagram. If this style of makeup is your cup of tea, you’ll need to be equipped with the right tools for every step of the look. A professional makeup brush set with fifteen or more brushes will make sure you have a clean makeup brush suited to contouring, setting, baking or winging out the perfect eyeliner every time.

Professional 29-piece makeup brush set with black PU leather case, $189.99 (sale price)

Become a working makeup artist

As the name would suggest, a high quality professional makeup brush set is essential for any working makeup artist. Whether you’re working on weddings or the runway, you’ll need a full set of tools to get the job done. A professional makeup brush set containing both synthetic and animal hair fibres and contained in a sleek and sophisticated black brush case will perfectly equip you for any paid makeup job.

April 09, 2017 by Ted liu

Four ways to wear a pendant necklace


Pendant necklaces are some of the most popular necklace styles because they are so diverse. Whether you want to make a statement with your jewellery or just add a subtle detail to your look, you’ll be able to find a pendant necklace that’s calling your name.

Like with charm bracelets, pendant necklaces are the perfect opportunity to express yourself and inject a bit of personality into your daily look. Many pendant necklaces have a symbol that might represent something you like or what is important to you.

A pendant necklace is made up of a simple strand hung around your neck, which is usually a chain, but can be a wire or leather cord instead. Hanging from this strand is one object—the pendant—which is the feature of the necklace. Pendants are often symbolic. Christians like to wear a crucifix, or cross, necklace to symbolise their religion. You might also see someone wearing a pendant necklace made out of something special to them, like an heirloom ring, locket or key. A pendant necklace is a way to keep that special object safe and to wear it close to your heart—literally and figuratively.

A pendant necklace doesn’t always need to be significant, though. The options are endless to make a fashion statement with your pendant necklace, too. Today we’re sharing some tips on how to accessorise with a pendant necklace.

Coordinate with a pendant necklace set

Match the detail on your necklace to the rest of your jewellery with a set like the 18k rose gold necklace set. You won’t have to worry if you’re going to get a clash between your gold necklace, your silver watch and your bronze bracelet because the metals will match. The set contains a ring, necklace and earrings, so it’s all the jewellery you’ll need to wear.

This delicate jewellery set features a gorgeous pearlescent pale pink hibiscus flower, with a striking diamante stamen. It’s pretty without being ostentatious. Highlight the pale pink with a lipstick in a similar tone.

As the set is so fine, it’s an ideal jewellery combination to accessorise an outfit for the office. We suggest pairing this jewellery set with a classic workplace look, and the pendant necklace will accentuate the neckline of any blouse you wear. The gleam of crystal is eye-catching and expensive-looking.

The casual video game pendant necklace tribute

One of our most fun necklaces is the heart pendant necklace. It’s not your traditional, boring heart necklace (although that’s still cute if it’s a gift from a loved one). Instead this heart pendant necklace is shaped entirely out of tiny squares, in the style of 8-bit retro video games.


If you want to signal that it’s not Facebook you’re scrolling down on your phone, but you’re deep in the latest video game, this is the necklace for you. Whether you’re a committed gamer girl or a casual fan of the scene, video game-themed jewellery is the most stylish way to share your nerdiness.

This isn’t just a naff piece of nerdery, though. The sophisticated design of the pixel heart necklace will stop you from looking tacky. It’s silver-plated and is hung on a smart 45cm articulated chain, so you could wear this necklace anywhere from an interview to the school ball.

Carry your own luck with a four leaf clover pendant

We mentioned that some people like to carry something special around their neck on a pendant necklace, and whether you’re religious or not, we could all do with a bit more luck. The four-leafed clover has been considered lucky for hundreds of years, so carrying one with you at all times is sure to be a boost to your spirit.



Our 18k gold plated diamond buds pendant necklace features a crystal-studded four-leafed clover pendant suspended on a delicate rose gold chain. Hanging just 3 centimetres from the chain, this pendant is small and subtle. It’s not competing for attention with the rest of your outfit—just quietly emanating good luck for you to absorb all day.

Make it into a choker

Any pendant necklace can be made into a choker—the hottest necklace style from the past year. If the pendant is hanging on a large chain, you can just move the clasp to a tighter loop so the necklace is pulled snug around your neck. Otherwise, most pendants will slide off their chain easily, so you can attach them to a ribbon choker.

If you want a permanent choker, you can sew the pendant on with a couple of stitches using a needle and thread in a matching colour to the choker. If you want to be able to wear your pendant on its original necklace again, you can temporarily attach it with a dab of glue (eyelash glue works!) That way you can undo your DIY pendant choker once you’re done with it, and you haven’t ruined the original necklace.

March 27, 2017 by Ted liu

What are 3D nail stickers?

We know that nail art is a trend that’s here to stay, and the possibilities of what you can do with nail art are growing as more and more fun nail art accessories become available for you to use at home.

Our favourite new nail art accessories are 3D nail stickers. Forget about boring, flat, single-colour manicures. Painting your nails a classic red? Boring! Beige and white French manicure? That’s so eighties! And don’t you dare mention the nail piercings women were rocking in the 1990s.

Nope, 2010s nail trends are all about pushing nail art into the third dimension. We’ve talked about deco fake nails before, and while we love them, they can sometimes be a handful (no pun intended). 3D nail stickers allow you to get some of the same effects without the hassle or the risk of losing a nail.

3D nail stickers vs. stamping

In the past, if you wanted a design on your nails, you had to paint it very carefully by hand with a tiny, tiny paintbrush. It’s a recipe for disaster if you’ve had a coffee or if you’re not a genius at holding your hand very still and making very deliberate movements. There’s a reason people don’t walk around with hand-painted masterpieces on their fingernails all the time!

Then came stamping. Stamping is where you apply nail polish to a plate, which has a design etched into it. The polish fills the gaps, taking on the shape of the design. You pick up the polish with a rubber stamping tool and then press that onto the nail. It’s a brilliant idea and it works very well… most of the time. But you have to find a stamping tool with the right texture and that works well with the polish you’ve chosen. Not all polishes are suitable to use for stamping, either. Nail polish that is too thick or too thin won’t spread properly and will ruin the details of the stamp design.

The other limitation with stamping is that it’s flat. Nail stickers take all the fiddly fuss out of stamping and give the same effect—even better effects, most of the time. 3D nail stickers take it a step further. They give you intricate details without the hassle, and dial up the drama with designs that rise above the flat surface of the nail. A true fashion statement!

French tip 3D nail stickers

We said it before—the traditional beige or pink nail with a white painted tip is classic, but it’s also more than a little boring.



Here’s where 3D nail stickers come in. While getting straight crisp white tips was once a challenge, you can now leave them in the dust with elaborate lace tip designs. These nail stickers are transparent between the white designs, so the colour you paint your nails will show through. You can wear them far down the nail for a half-nail design, or just adorn the very tips for a more subtle look.

The French manicure 3D nail stickers also come with self-adhesive gems to attach as features. Wear the gems on every nail for a full glam look, or choose a feature nail (we suggest the ring finger) to adorn with gems for a more subtle look.

Festival floral 3D nail stickers

There’s no time more appropriate than going to a festival to pull out your 3D nail stickers. It sounds counter-intuitive—you wouldn’t want to wear false nails to a festival, because you want to be low maintenance when there’s not even a proper bathroom around. But that’s the beauty of 3D nail stickers. Even though they’re protruding slightly from the nail, they’re bonded with their own self-adhesive, and then integrated into the nail polish with a top coat. This is a sturdy setup that will last more than a couple of days.



Get down with nature and cover your nails with the floral and butterfly 3D nail stickers in this metal and diamond 3d nail sticker set. Each sheet comes with plenty of individual flowers and twirling designs so you can share them with your friends and coordinate manicures (and even pedicures). Each sticker is enhanced with sparkling foil or colourful diamond crystals which catch the light and brighten up a simple manicure.

You can choose 3D nail stickers in black, suitable to wear over light-coloured nail polish or even over your bare nails. They stick best if you’re wearing a nail polish or base coat underneath, and apply a top coat over the top.

Raised white floral patterns are also available as 3D nail stickers. White looks neat over dark nail varnish but is also a less dramatic way to wear a design if you layer them over a lighter polish. White designs over pink or orange polish look modern and sophisticated without a stark contrast
March 25, 2017 by Ted liu

Express yourself with a charming charm bracelet

Charm bracelets are a classic jewellery piece, and whether you remember collecting charms as a child or jangling your grandmother’s vintage heirloom charm bracelet, you’ll be pleased to discover that charm bracelets are trending and make the perfect accessory that allows you to express yourself.

Gone are the days when charm bracelets were limited to all silver or all gold. While it’s a classic look, it’s a lot more fun to carry a bit of personality on your wrist with a colourful enamel or bejewelled charm bracelet.

While some brands charge an arm and a leg for just one charm, you can find complete charm bracelets at that are ready to liven up your next outfit.

Wave a flag charm bracelet

If you’re living in New Zealand but maybe have another place you call home, why not accessorise with the flag of your birthplace. Whichever side of the Atlantic you hail from, either the United States or the United Kingdom, we’ve got the arm charms for you.

The Union Jack charm bracelet combines Union Jack flag charms with the most adorable tiny London double-decker buses. And for the Yanks, the American flag charm bracelet shows those stars and stripes proudly with red, white and blue enamel charms.

Go for a monochrome charm bracelet

We’ve curated the best in monochrome charm bracelets in a range of colours. Pick one in a complementary colour to offset any outfit, or stack them on your wrists for a rainbow of charming goodness.

A smart colour like blue or silver makes for a charm bracelet that matches any outfit. This classy fashion charm bracelet has a range of luxury fashion-themed charms but without the luxury price tag. It’d look great paired with a blouse and blazer for the office.

If black’s more your style—maybe you live in Wellington—then check out the beautiful black charm bracelet. Black goes with everything, as we all know, so it’s a good pick for an everyday accessory. The hints of white and red liven it up and the gold gives a classy contrast.

Spread peace and positive energy

Wearing a charm bracelet can be a perfect opportunity to carry a positive message with you on your wrist wherever you go. Whether it’s to ground yourself or spread positivity through the world, charms that symbolise these messages can really boost your spirits.

The life tree pendant charm bracelet is adorned with charms spreading warmth and light. The main charms dangling from the bracelet show the tree of life, spaced between hearts and messages of love. Wear this good-vibes charm bracelet before yoga class or just so that you can glance down and get a personal reminder of what’s important.

The best of charm bracelets is that they’re so different—there’s something for everyone and they’re the perfect way to express yourself.



March 19, 2017 by Ted liu

How to apply false eyelashes

If there’s one beauty accessory that will immediately take any makeup look from everyday to fabulous, it’s false eyelashes. The average person doesn’t wear false lashes often at all, but they’re the quickest way to dial it up and look next-level glamorous. A smokey eye will instantly look more dramatic and sexy with a set of false eyelashes applied.

Celebrities, whether in photoshoots or on the red carpet, are almost never seen without false eyelashes on. You might never guess—and it’s because of false eyelashes, applied properly, aren’t visible. Instead, they’ll just give you the illusion of a thick, luscious and long set of natural eyelashes. And who doesn’t want that? Even a simple everyday face of makeup can be immediately boosted with a set of false eyelashes.

Applying false eyelashes can be intimidating, though, especially if you’re not used to doing it. Like with any beauty process, you’ll get better with practice, so there’s no better time to start wearing false lashes than now!

The best false eyelashes for beginners

Not all fake eyelashes are made equally, so you’ll need to choose a good quality brand. Cheap lashes (usually a dollar a pair) are often plastic, hard to apply and uncomfortable to wear. Spending a few extra dollars for your lashes will ensure you end up with a pair that are easy to put on, that you don’t feel while you’re wearing them and that you can reuse multiple times. stocks Red Cherry lashes because we think they’re the perfect balance of quality and price. We wanted to make it easier to buy Red Cherry lashes in New Zealand. Each pair is only $7.90 but once you discover how great they are, you might be interested in our bulk-buying discounts!

How to put on false lashes

Applying false eyelashes is usually the last step before finishing your makeup, so make sure you’re happy with your look first. You can apply more eyeliner and mascara after you’ve applied the lashes, but it’s hard to do a whole makeup look while working around the lashes.

Red Cherry eyelashes have a very thin black band, so if you’re a beginner you might want to be wearing black eyeliner—it can help mask the band so people don’t notice it.

  • Test out the eyelash on your eye without glue first, and trim it down so it fits the width of your lash line, but doesn’t protrude at either end.
  • Apply a little bit of eyelash glue all along the band, making sure the whole length is covered. You’ll want to give the glue about 30 seconds to a minute to get tacky before you put it on your eyelid.
  • Use tweezers to gently rest the eyelash on top of your own eyelashes. Use the tweezers to position one end of the lash in place before moving to the other end.
  • Apply a bit of mascara after your lashes to blend them in with your natural lashes.


You’ll love the way false eyelashes make any look more elegant and glamorous!

March 19, 2017 by Ted liu

Fake nails are making a comeback

Fake nails have taken the world by storm in the past few years, helped in part by famous celebrities (cough… or should I say, kough) embracing nail art to express their personalities. Getting your nails done at the salon can be expensive, time consuming and damaging to your natural nails, however. Luckily there’s a cheap, safe and easy way to switch between nail art trends quickly—fake nails.

The quality of fake nails has come a long way, and you can buy sets of fake nails that look as natural and stay on as long as salon artificial nails. The days are over of getting your press-on nails snagged on your dress or losing one at the slightest bump. Getting salon quality nails at home will save you time and money, so you can accessorise every outfit with a different set of false nails.

Deco fake nails

One of the most fun things about fake nails is that you can get on board with nail trends without the extreme commitment of acrylics. Deco nails are an adorable style of fake nail where tiny 3D shapes are glued on top of the nail’s surface. Most often they’re super cute mini flowers, hearts or even rhinestones.

Fake Nails

These statement nails, only $9.90,  are the perfect accessory to a special occasion outfit, whether it’s a for school ball, Valentine’s Day or even a wedding.

How to do things with fake nails on

These are all very cute, you might be thinking, but how am I meant to go about my daily life if I’m wearing fake nails? How can I type, or wash the dishes?

If you’re not game for a long nail or are a more practical gal, there are more subtle fake nails available too. Here at we’ve made sure we’ve got a set of nails for everyone.

FAKE Nails

Try this set on for size—a subtle burgundy nail with that classic camel plaid feature design. These nails are shorter and have a more square shape, making them a sensible set for everyday wear. The stud accent gives them a touch of edge without giving you the risk of getting caught on anything!

Negative space fake nails

A growing nail art trend in 2017 is the negative space manicure. Negative space nail art means that some parts of the nail are left bare, to contrast with usually graphic designs done in nail polish.

fake nails

Blank space nail art looks awesome, but most of us don’t have the steady hand, tiny brushes or the patience to sit down and paint it by hand ourselves. Or perhaps your natural nails are ridged, brittle, bitten or stained. There’s a solution—you guessed it, fake nails! We’ve brought together a selection of negative space fake nails so you can get this hot nail trend without any of the hard work.

fake nails

We’ve even found negative space nails in different nail shapes, so whether you prefer a squoval nail shape or a more elegant almond shape, there’s a negative space manicure for you.

Take a look at our complete fake nail selection and pick out the nails for your next at-home manicure. And if you can’t make up your mind, take advantage of our offer—buy 4 sets, get 1 free!


March 09, 2017 by Ted liu

Which do you need, an animal hair makeup brush or synthetic hair makeup brush?

With so many different types of makeup brush available, it’s hard to know which ones to choose. Do you need an animal hair makeup brush or synthetic hair makeup brush? If you’re vegan, the decision is easy, but for anyone else, this guide will show you when to choose an animal hair makeup brush and when to choose a synthetic hair makeup brush.

Cruelty-free and vegan synthetic makeup brushes

More and more kiwi women are opting for a vegan lifestyle, and it extends beyond the food we eat. Vegans choose not to use any products derived from animals, including hairs and fibres, which means animal-hair makeup brushes are a no-no.

High Quality Fashion Synthetic Hair 15pcs/set Makeup Brush Set White Handle Cosmetics Pincel Maquiagem

High quality fashion synthetic hair 15 piece set, $69.99

Luckily modern technology allows makeup brush manufacturers to create synthetic bristle makeup brushes that feel as soft as any animal hair. Bristles made from nylon or other synthetic fibres are so advanced that many professional makeup artists choose to use exclusively cruelty-free makeup brushes.

Natural animal hair makeup brushes

Makeup brushes have been made from animal hair in a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Many animal hair makeup brushes use goat wool bristles as they offer a balance of affordability and blending quality. Other animal hair makeup brushes may be made from pony, boar, and even squirrel hair.

10PCS Animal hair makeup brush set

10 piece animal hair makeup brush set, $49.99

Natural animal hairs have a slightly irregular texture, allowing them to pick up product easily and get a better application. If you look closely at a natural animal hair makeup brush you’ll notice the hairs themselves taper at the tip, allowing them to sweep effortlessly over the skin and give you a seamless blended finish every time.

Animal or synthetic brushes for foundation and concealer?

An advantage of a synthetic hair makeup brush is that the hair has no cuticle, so it won’t degenerate over time, trap cream products or get stained. Some animal hair makeup brushes can soak up cream products like foundation and concealer into the hair fibres themselves, and get stained over time. To avoid this, choose a synthetic hair makeup brush for applying your foundation and concealer.

A synthetic hair makeup brush is quick and easy to clean. As the hairs are attracted to each other, they’ll keep their shape wash after wash.

Animal or synthetic brushes for eyeshadow?

Eyeshadow comes in both cream and powder formulas, so use that to inform which type of brush hair you use. If you’re applying an eyeshadow primer, cream eyeshadow or base product, use a flat synthetic brush for an even, dense application.


Then switch to natural fibres if you’re applying any powder eyeshadow. How many different brushes you choose to use will depend on how complex your eyeshadow look is, but for blending eyeshadow and getting a smooth blended crease, choose an animal hair makeup brush.


Densely packed animal hair brushes will allow you to pack on eyeshadow with little fall-down. Then you can pick up a fluffier animal hair makeup brush to blend out the edges and to deepen your outer V and crease area. Fluffy brushes can also be used to blend underneath the eye for a seamless look.

There’s one simple rule to remember when to use a synthetic hair makeup brush or animal hair makeup brush, and it’s this: for cream products, use synthetic hair; for powder products, use animal hair. It’s as easy as that, and you can guarantee you’ll always get beauty from your brush.

March 09, 2017 by Ted liu
How to choose the best makeup brush set to perfect your look

How to choose the best makeup brush set to perfect your look


Owning a set of makeup brushes is a no-brainer, especially if you’re new to building your collection. The best makeup brush sets come with a brush for every job, whether you’re chiseling cheekbones or perfecting your pout.


Good-quality makeup brushes are the key to a flawless makeup look—even if you’ve got the hottest beauty products, you’re only as good as your tools. It can be overwhelming to know how to choose the best makeup brush set for your needs, but here at we have a makeup brush kit for everyone.


The do-it-all makeup brush set

Not sure where to start? The high-quality 10 piece brush set has a brush for each of your makeup needs, and it comes complete with a smart pouch to store them in.


This kit comes with ten brushes ranging from foundation to eyes and lips, containing everything you need for any makeup look from start to finish.


Choose from your favourite brush handle colour to make sure your brushes match your vanity—just picture the gorgeous white and lavender brushes in an Instagram flat-lay!


The vegan brush set

If you’re looking for an animal-friendly makeup brush set, take a look at the professional 8 piece synthetic hair brush set. The bristles on these cruelty-free brushes are as soft as any other, but they’re synthetic so no animals were harmed in the making of these!


This brush set also comes with a smart faux-leather brush barrel, designed to keep your brushes protected and stylish even in storage.

The travel-friendly brush set

For the girl on the go, the 5 piece double-ended black and white travel makeup brush set is super portable without compromising on function.


Each brush has a head on each end, halving the space this kit will take up in your makeup bag or carry-on luggage. Think of it like ten makeup brushes! The trendy black and white handled brushes also come in a compact pouch.



The eye makeup brush set

Makeup trends are all about eyes at the moment, and if you want to get that smokey eye on point, the 12 piece professional eyeshadow makeup brush set in rose gold has everything you’ll need.


This kit contains three blending brushes alone, ensuring you’ve always got a clean one on hand to blend out the crease. No eye makeup look is complete without eyebrows on fleek and a crisp winged liner, and this set has the tools to carve out your brows and get the sharpest liner, too.

The professional makeup brush set

Every makeup artist needs the 29 piece professional makeup brush set in her kit—even if you’re not a makeup artist, this set is the ultimate in makeup brush goals.


With nearly thirty brushes for every step of a makeup look and a smart PU leather wallet to store them all in, you’ll be looking smart on set and serving up the work to prove it.


Take a look at the full range of makeup brush sets we have available—we promise we’ve got the tools of the trade for everyone, no matter your needs and budget!


March 01, 2017 by Ted liu